Easily upgrade your house with IoT control system.

Check our video to learn about all the moodnode benefits.

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  • Change the whole room lighting mood with a single tap.

  • Moodnode modules automate your lights, roller shutters, and sockets.

  • Save up to 12% on your energy bills.

  • Use Siri or Amazon Echo for voice control.

Moodnode features and usecases

  • Dimming

    Control your lights from anywhere in the world. Set them on/off or dim to the preferred level.

  • Energy metering

    Learn about your energy consumption, your carbon dioxide footprint or simply your daily habbits.

  • One tap mood

    Customize your moods to something you love. Now you can change the whole room lighting with in one tap.

  • Monitor / Smart security

    Receive notifications when there's unwanted movement in your house or someone used the switch.

  • Integrate

    Integrate seemlesly other IoT devices like Philips Hue, LIFX smart bulbs, Amazon Echo and Smarthings hub.

  • iOS & Android

    The app support both iOS and Android phones.

Open possibilities of integration

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